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Werther’s Original

Discover Your Softer Side Sweepstakes

In 2016, the annual consumer sweepstakes shifted timeframes to the Spring activation with a focus on inspiring trial and purchase of Soft Caramels. Discover Your Softer Side built on the success of the 2015 Fall Program, leveraging consumer willingness to engage with the brand through gamification and a variety of engagement touchpoints. In addition to an integrated marketing campaign, Werther’s and its agency partners launched the brand into the spotlight with a PR activation for National Caramel Day on April 5.

Highlights of the campaign include:

  • Total Sweepstakes Entries: 497,384
  • Total Unique Users: 43,040
  • Social Channel Growth: 7,300 new fans across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Coupon Clicks: 948 clicks to download coupon

What’s Your Caramel Personality?

In the Fall of 2016, Werther’s shifted timeframes again and focused on their Fall portfolio with a heavy push on the new flavor of Popcorn – Sea Salt and & Pretzel. Based on the consumer willingness to engage with the brand through gamification during the Discover Your Softer Side campaign, Werther’s launched a What’s Your Caramel Personality microsite that allowed consumers to take an eight question quiz, which then calculated what caramel best matched their personality based on the answers they selected. Once the result was given, the consumer could then download a coupon or share their results on any social media platform. Facebook advertising as well as the support of a digital media campaign helped drive unique users to the site.

Social Imagery

As part of a brand reinvigoration for Werther’s Original, we were tasked with redefining the social media strategy for the brand in an effort to:

  • Reach new users
  • Engage loyal fans
  • Tell a compelling brand story

Saw a 145% increase in overall engagement since launching the refreshed social media strategy


The social media strategy included the creation of a social media voice and personality, expanded social channels through the introduction of new social channels, refreshed content themes, and an overarching copy and style guide to ensure social communications resonated with target social audiences while remaining authentic to the brand. Highlights strategy refresh:

  • Launched Instagram and Twitter and have nearly 6,500 new followers across both channels, and grew the Facebook fan base to over 513K fans
  • Generated nearly 15 million impressions across channels reaching over 12 million unique people
  • Expanded reach and engagement with a younger demographic while driving strong reach and engagement with the brands primary audience